Monday, January 19, 2015


The reason why I like dengeo's is because their hamburgers are so good. They're never burnt as far as I've had them. Their bun isn't too hard. They have really good french fries. They're a little crispy and a little soggy and buttery and salty.

They also have pita and hummus. It's really, really good. It's rich. It's just so good. I shared this with my friends Isi and Ollie and my sister Emma. It's in Skokie near Chicago.

I like their decorations. They've got a lot of booths. They've got those chairs that go up high and there's a high table. They give out balloons, and I really like that about them.

See ya hamburger lovers!
Dolphin Girl

Beyond the burger: Nu crepes

I'm going off the script a little bit because I'm not writing about hamburgers. But  i was coming from the movie theaters  and we were still a little hungry and we saw this place and decided to try it. i'm so glad we stopped. the food was delicious.

 i got a campfire crepe in it was marshmallows, chocolate chips, graham crackers, Biscoff and dark chocolate sauce. it tasted really sweet. it was creamy.

I interviewed the man who made my crepe and here are some facts about him. I wanted to interview him so I could have some facts about what he was like. I didn't know who made it so I went up and asked. His name is Matt and he is thirty years old. His favorite color is green. He has worked at Nu Crepes for two and a half years. He's baked for nine years. He doesn't follow a recipe. He just makes something up.

I liked how the restaurant's silverware was wood. You can see when they're open on this link. it is located on 115 W. Schiller Court in Elmhurst.

See ya hamburger lovers!
Dolphin Girl

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Buffalo Wild Wings !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The reason why i like buffalo wild wings is that you can't taste the cheese that much on the cheeseburger because I don't like to taste the cheese too much on the cheeseburger. I loved it! The burger was small and it had a pretty thick burger part and the bun wasn't too hard. It had ketchup.

They gave me a side of french fries. They were really buttery and salty. They were delicious. 

They let us have iPads that we got to play on while we waited for the food. 

See ya hamburger lovers!
Dolphin Girl

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Portillo's—a Good Place to Be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The reason why I like Portillo's is because the bun is not too hard, and the hamburger isn't too burned, and it's not too small and it's not too big. The french fries are really good. There are lots of salads. There is this really good cake. It is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting. We call it extra-chocolatey chocolate cake.

You should really go to Portillo's. It's really cool. It's decorated with all of these pop bottles—really big pop bottles! In another one it has lights that show people dancing. There is this fake jukebox that looks real. Portillo's is awesome!

See ya, hamburger lovers!
Dolphin Girl